Thursday, December 18, 2008

Martha Martha Martha

I like to treat myself to magazines on snowy nights when I'm hunkered down at home. A few weeks ago I got a Martha Stewart Living that was, of course, packed full of holiday projects and recipes. While many of the pages in the magazine were folded over (for me to tear out and add to my recipe binder later) there was one that I was really jazzed about. Homemade body scrub. Genius!! I decided to make mine organic since I'd have to go to Harvest Time for the essential oil and sunflower oil. Using organic sugar didn't allow for a pure color like in the picture but I'm OK with that. I also used peppermint oil since it is going to be use for holiday gifts.

Making the scrub was messy (mostly because the opening to the jar was super small). I think this would make an awesome foot scrub as opposed to a body scrub. The mixture is a little oily which leaves skin slick. Using during a pedicure would be fabulous. My first recipient is my good friend Kacey. We'll see what she thinks!

Body Scrub
Martha Stewart Living Magazine
Yield 3 bottles

2 cups Epsom salt or organic sugar
1 cup oil (light olive, sunflower, vitamin E, grape seed)
8 drops essential oil (lemon, peppermint, grapefruit)
Food coloring

Mix it up. Spoon it into jars or containers. Have fun making pretty labels!

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