Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wow Your Friends with Pizza

I used to have friends. I swear. Apparently something happens when you get married and then people think you don't need friends anymore. I don't think I stink. I have a lot to offer, I mean, I can cook and bake. I have a lovely home and a husband that is easy on the eyes. But still, I have no friends. I guess my husband is going to have to continue listening to me talk about fall fashion!

This is my wow 'em meal. If people are coming over in the summertime, I grill pizza. They all love it! I use dough from Portland Pie which I brush with EVOO and plop it on a medium heat grill. Let it go 5 or so minutes, brush the other side, and flip. You can top it with sauce, cheese and veggies right on the grill. The heat will melt the cheese and cook the veggies. Get creative with toppings...don't be scared!

I like to serve this with a chopped or Greek salad for balance.

Enjoy, my virtual foodie friends!!


maeghan said...

Isn't grilled pizza the best? I'll come over for some :) Bought dough is quick but look on my blog for an easy dough recipe, I know your standmixer will love it :)

Joelen said...

Love how grilled pizza tastes!