Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Food! Oatmeal and Banana

Here goes my first post about making baby food.

It is probably pretty predictable that I would make my own baby food, right?

I mean. I'm a snot about what I eat...why wouldn't I be a snot about what my kid eats?

So when most parents introduce rice cereal (what the F is that??) I milled some oats and made my own cereal.

I have now got it down to a perfect consistency. 2T of milled oats to 3T of water. Microwave that for 30 or less seconds, add about a half ounce of warmed breast milk. Perfect!! I've also started adding banana once in a while. This is the perfect way to use up bananas that are a bit over ripe for my taste. My dude doesn't care! He luuurrrvvvs his bananas....and oatmeal...and squash...

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