Saturday, October 24, 2009


Fakon. It's a funny word. Oh, you aren't sure what fakon is? Fake bacon. At first I wasn't so sure about the stuff. I was brought up on real bacon and loved it. (I still do but my thighs don't really like it...and neither does my husband) We started buying it for breakfast and it was OK but then I discovered that if you add it to things it really does taste more like bacon!

I had been craving a BLT and decided that I would try making an FLT. Fakon, lettuce, and tomato on white bread. I thought about it all day at work so when I got home, made it, and bit into it I was really happy. I used fresh tomatoes from the garden, and toasted the bread in the oven on one side so you still get the crisp bread but it isn't too hard on your mouth.

Fakon, it's whats for dinner.

Source: ME!
Yield: one delicious healthy sandwich

3-4 slices of fakon
Mayo or Veganaise

While you cook the fakon on the stove top toast the bread under the broiler. Spread mayo on both side of bread and season with S&P. Layer on the fakon, lettuce and tomato and dig in!

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Kristen said...

Where do you buy fakon? Whole foods?