Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Traditions

You know it is the holiday season when Chex mix makes the rounds. I won't post the recipe because you all know it and I don't alter mine at all.

Let's talk holiday traditions, shall we? Growing up when we decorated the tree we always had snacks. I remember having Chex Mix and peanut butter fudge. It really makes me miss my mom to think of that. I can actually see her with that big pot that my father has, I think it was passed down from his father, in the kitchen with the yellow stove and the plaid carpet. (Who puts carpet in a kitchen?!) And we would be picking out which ornaments we wanted to put on the tree. We all had our special ornaments. I miss times like that.

I'm wondering...what do you do when you decorate your tree? Do you have treats? Do you play Christmas music? And for my Jewish friend who I miss a super duper really extra lot...what are you planning for the holidays?

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