Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cleaning Out!

I decided to clean out my spice cupboard. I was never able to find what I needed. And often times I would go to the store to buy a spice, dried herb, or extract only to find a month later that I already had it.

Here is a treasure! I'm not sure how old this is but I'm guessing over 12 years old. I think my mother bought this.

I found doubles and triples of many items including; cumin (3), garlic salt (2), crushed red pepper (2), Cajun seasoning (2), ground ginger (2), Bell's seasoning (2).

And things that I will never ever use. Like steak seasoning.

Then there were things that were as hard as a rock...and they were meant to be shakeable. Like rimmers for drinks, seasoning for popcorn, and general seasonings.

Trash, trash, and more trash!

A nice wipe down of the shelving.


Everything is nice and neat now. It is easy to find things. All my bulk herbs I get from the healthy food store are in one big plastic bag. I'm loving this!


Taylor said...

It's such a good feeling to get all of that stuff organized, isn't it?? Which reminds me, my spice cabinet is looking pretty bad itself....

The Humble Table said...

Such a liberating feeling! Whenever Kyle and I are up for a move, he freaks out about lugging spices around, but I would refuse to part with them. Finally on this last cycle I did a purge, and it was fantastic. Nothing better than feeling organzined!

jgreg29 said...

I hope you kept the allspice! My friends tease me for being a spice hoarder because I have SO many in the kitchen. I try to clean them out every six months and toss things that are expired but you need sooo many kinds when you cook from scratch every day.