Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Great to be Alive

All that has been swirling in my head are the lyrics to this new record. I'm quickly becoming obsessed with Chris Ferran.

Cake balls are hot in the food blog world these days. Around the holidays I heard about them multiple times a day. I was in charge of dessert for a meal at my in-laws and decided to make them. Easy and cheap!

I think I would have really enjoyed these if I hadn't coated them in that almond bark crap. Ick. Fake chocolate. Next time I will use Hershey kisses.
I used red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting but you can mix and match all you want. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Peanut butter frosting (do they make that in a can?). Vanilla cake with white frosting tinted pink for a breast cancer awareness bake sale. Just some ideas.

Cake Balls
Yield: 4 dozenish
Source: Allrecipes

1 box cake mix (any kind)
1 can frosting (any kind)
Chocolate coating of some sort

Bake cake per directions using any cake pan. While cake is still hot crumble into a large bowl. Add can of frosting. Roll into 1 inch balls and allow to cool or stick in the freezer (or outside if it's a cold Maine day like it has been here for too long). Coat in chocolate.

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