Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TWD: World Peace Cookies

Thank you to Jessica of cookbookhabit who chose World Peace Cookies for the first challenge of February.

Now, they (who are "they" anyway) say that you shouldn't eat raw dough. Haha! We've tricked "them"! No eggs in this dough. Eat away and enjoy. I did, lots of it. I will explain later but upon cutting the logs the dough crumbled and made it's way to my mouth.

I wasn't going to do this challenge but decided last minute that I'd do it just in case I'm not able to do one later in the month. I'm glad I changed my mind. These cookies are not peaceful. My mouth is flipping out with excitement and crying for some milk (if only it wasn't dated 3 days ago). Satisfying my sweet tooth and my chocolate craving, these cookies need to leave my house immediately! MMSA you are in for a treat.

I'm warning you, when mixing this up according to instructions the dough is extremely crumbly. She says to pour the dough onto work surface and gather it up. Um. It was like course sand! After pressing and, like she said, gathering it did come together. I was a bit of a procrastinator so time wasn't on my side. I stuck the dough logs in the freezer for about an hour and half. This worked perfectly. The logs cut fairly well. A little crumbly on the ends but for the most part success.

In closing I could say, "peace be with you." Or maybe using my best Miss America/USA voice, "and world peace." Instead I will use a quote used by a co-worker, "peace, love, and hippy beads." Enjoy.
**EDIT** The next morning...not nearly as good as fresh out of the oven. Bummer.


TheBernardBunch said...

These cookies are absolutely DELISH! It cured my monthly chocolate craving for the day. YUMMY!!!!!

Jess said...

I also lost some dough on the way to the oven...and mine didn't even crumble much so I didn't have that as an excuse. Nice job with the cookies!

Pamela said...

They look delicious! I'm glad you got the chance to make 'em!