Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh, Rats!

My husband and his friend Walter have the coolest and best punk/folk/country band in the state. Years ago they were part of a band that made it pretty big in the state called Marks the Spot. This was long previous to meeting him. A year or so ago he and Wally decided to start a new project called Oh, Rats!. They write a lot of their own music and have done a couple covers, one Blink 182 song and Lefty Frizzel's "Long Black Veil". I'm not sure if my favorite is "Tell her to aim lower" or "Not if I see you first". Both very different songs and both excellent. These are some talented guys. Check out their music at

Tomorrow night they have their first gig in 5 years. They are playing at Higher Grounds in Hallowell with Glen Theory and Mike Hale, both signed. This is big for the small drunken town of Hallowell where they rotate local artists. Everyone I know is looking forward to this show. It is going to be amazing...just like my husband.

I am the designated Merch Girl (mostly self designated) and thought that you can't have Mrs. Sweet Cheeks running a merch table without selling cupcakes. My dear friend Kacey and I brainstormed and came up with the idea to make Oh, Rats! cupcakes. We had so much fun today making these. I won't post a recipe because they are just boxed cake mix (curse me if you want) and buttercream icing.

Of course we had company while we baked the cupcakes. He loves hanging out with the girls. Even though Kacey put a bag over his head and he fell off the island.

I love this picture of the icing we had just colored.

We tried to make rats on the cupcake but found they look more like mice or gerbils. One of mine looked like a sleeping cat. Whatever.

This little mouse/rat has a tramp stamp to show her support of breast cancer awareness!

Of course we had to make a couple for ourselves...and taste test!

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Kacey said...

I'm pretty sure we just made their band even cooler.