Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Birthday Wish List

I like surprises. So when this list gets to a point where you say, "My word Brianne...greedy?" just keep in mind that I am listing all of this so that I am surprised by what I get. I don't want it all...any of it would be fabulous. I can't list three things because more than likely I would get all three and there would be no element of surprise and really...what are birthdays all about??! (definitely not about getting older...DEFINITELY not about getting one year closer to thirty).

In no particular order:

Pretty pink watering can.

A BIG fit ball...the cats got to mine. can just dig some up from the side of the road...

Pnut Jewelry...**sigh**

LL Bean anchor belt or skirt. I'm probably a medium.

I go through vanilla quickly.

I don't really know what "web premium" means but now that I am out a job I don't have access to CS3 and I use Illustrator a lot.

Now I'm just day dreaming.

This is what popped up when I searched for a labor image. I would like someone to cut an inch or so off each of my bar stool legs. They are too tall for the island.


Alex said...

That's a healthly list Brianne!

I liked how you slipped your employment status in there.

What do you do with illustrator? Could you share any of your work?

Have a great birthday!

bldvdb said...

Hey Alex, mostly I do graphic design and print design with Illustrator. I have a portfolio if you'd like to see it. :)

Kacey said...

1) I love birthdays too!
2) I love that skirt!
3) I love P-Nut jewelry!
4) I got you something not on this list.
5) That means either your gonna really like it because it will be a super surprise...or you won't like it at all. And in that case, I really like it so I could always keep it.
6) I hope your birthday contains lots of awesome gifts, cool friends like me, and big fat juicy hamburgers.