Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bake for Hope Results

Today was a marvelous day.

Let me start from the beginning.

I packed up my car with all the goodies made by me, shipped from my sister and my Nestie friend Erica, and treats from the Nestie gals in Lewiston. I got to Higher Grounds just as Jonah (the owner) was vacuuming and my little brother came shortly after with treats made by him and his mother. Soon after that Tina was there, Victoria and Kacey too. All the tables but one were covered with treats. We left that one open in case people wanted to sit down and enjoy their sweet.

People started trickling in and Tony and Tina stayed to help me. As lunch time got closer people started coming in packs. People from my father's office, my MIL's office, and my own. Then there were the people that I never met. One couple in particular were looking around and the man came over to me and said, "that's my wife. She's a survivor of seven and half years." You could hear the love and pride in his voice. They had seen the article in the KJ and drove from Bowdoin. One woman came with a tin of goodies and two cards. I opened the cards and they were from women that I've never met. They saw the article and wanted to help. Their cards told me about their daughters that battled cancer. I was so touched. One of those same women came back later to drop off a check from her neighbor. She told me she was a survivor herself and wanted me to know that my efforts were not going unnoticed. That is all the reward a person in my position can ask for.

My last visitor of the day was one that I don't remember ever seeing before today. She came in as we were packing up and asked if I was Brianne. I said yes and she said she came to see me. She explained that she grew up near my mother and that they graduated high school together, they were great friends. Then she moved away as young graduates do. She came back years later and ran into my mother. They both had been battling cancer and bonded all over again. She told me that she misses my mother and thinks of her often. We talked about Mummy, Grammy and Grampy. I love listening to people tell stories of their friendship with Mummy. They think she was just as great as I do.

After getting home and resting a few minutes I counted the money. $862!! I could not be more pleased. Thank you to all my volunteers and thank you to each person that stopped in to buy something. You all helped me make a difference today.

Please check out my article in the Kennebec Journal (thanks for hooking this up Kacey!) and in the Valley Voice (thank you Alex!)

This is just the stuff from my house!

These pictures sort of stink but I want you to see all the food that was there! (yes that is pizza!)

Chocolate coconut marshmallows made by the lovely Tina.

You know I love my ladies.


Mary D. said...

Looks like a wonderful event and so successful! Wish I could have been there today. Thanks for doing this.

kristyferran said...

You Rock B!!
Your mom is looking down on her little girl and she is so very proud!!

TonyVDB said...

Her dad is also very proud for her and her sister who baked and sent a big box of goodies up from RI. Thanks to all the folks who supported her by baking the goodies and then everyone that stopped in to buy them.

TonyVDB said...
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The Valley said...

Great job Brianne! Check out our follow up post here. Keep us informed!
Don't forget to Vote it up!

lisa said...

Amazing job Brianne. I am so proud to know you. Thank you for your incredible contribution to Bake for Hope, your community and all the women of the world. :) Cheers to you! Lisa