Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sangria and Supporting the Economy

We've done our job of helping the economy for the month of May! New Cub Cadet riding mower. Seth is a happy boy. I just love the green grass!

Things at 179 are really starting to bloom! The daffodils, tulips, and magnolia are in full bloom. The lilac has buds. The lilies are coming up. The mint has returned!

My favorite springtime bloom. The magnolia. The smell is amazing.

Tulips and daffodils on the side of the house.

All of the daffs and tulips were planted by my grandfather. I love that.

This isn't something that normally grows in this planter...must be a weed!

This is what I wait for all winter. All those nights listening to the wind blow snow against my window and shoveling my car out of 3 feet of snow at 7:00 a.m. are a distant memory when I sit looking at the green grass with a sangria and my husband. The whole world disappears. We are in a bubble and I can live in the bubble for eternity. Well...add some chocolate, the cats, the rest of my family, and my iPod. It is bliss.

Source: ME!
Yield: 4 glasses

1 bottle red wine
1 orange
1 lemon
1 lime
2 T sugar (I use simple syrup when I have it)
1 shot brandy
Club soda or ginger ale
Pour wine into pitcher and squeeze in fruit. Add sugar and brandy. Stir. Chill. When ready to serve pour over ice and top with soda.

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