Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Kitchen of 179

I follow a lot of food blogs. I even follow a few fashion blogs. There might be a couple craft blogs thrown into the mix too. Thank goodness Google Reader keeps me organized with all of them!

Some of my favorite posts by bloggers is when they give a glimpse into their real life. I like to see their home, the kitchen, their pets! Sometimes you feel like you really know these people!

Here is a glimpse into our home at least the kitchen portion. You don't need to see the rest!

I found this old door knocker in the cellar. My grandfather was in the Navy and I'm sure he picked this up some where with the intention of putting it on the door but never did.

This is my sweet little kitchen. Years ago my dad and I completely renovated the whole thing. We tore out all the drywall, the floors and the ceiling. We even removed a window which was above the stove. I wish I had a wee bit more natural light coming into the kitchen but I like how accessible everything is.

This is the light in my kitchen at sunset. I love being in the kitchen at this time of day. I didn't edit this photo, the light really is this warm golden color. It makes me happy.

Boyd is always right near me when I'm in the kitchen. In the first picture of the kitchen you can see him sitting on the stand near the fridge. He just sits there and watches me. What a baaaaby.

Tickles is never too far either. I tried to have a "photo shoot" with him last night and Boyd got so jealous he came over and sat in front of the camera.

I have a lot of cookbooks. I recently went through and cleaned out all the books that I don't use and I still ended up with 4 shelves of them! Check out those hefty binders on the bottom shelf, that is how I organize my recipes from blogs and magazines. I'm a little obsessed with them. I was keeping all of this on an old ratty WalMart bookcase. Then we found this beauty at the Pot Luck Shop in Hallowell. This is made from recycled barn wood from Wayne. I absolutely adore this.

The day we found that bookcase we decided that maybe we should pay the Pot Luck Shop's rent for the month. We ended up with this gorgeous piece as well. This is made by the same man from Wayne. When you open it up it smells like a barn...which I think is great.

Thanks for coming over! I hope you enjoyed the tour!!


TheBernardBunch said...

I love love love, the bookshelf. I never heard of that store, but I am going to look it up, and go take a peek.

Joelen said...

Looking good!!

HR&HM said...

love the kitchen its alot like one i remodeled.
try a garden window you will get alot more natural light and a great spot for plants and "stuff" thats what i did and was the best 700 bucks i spent! :-)
i just finnished a bathroom in a rental unit i have you would love that judging by your taste

HR&HM said...

oh by the way i like tickles looks like my cat Spike

~Angela~ said...

I've never been to the Pot Luck shop, but it looks like I'll have to make a trip!

Jess and Tim said...

Gorgeous!! I love the rustic style - I wish we had a Pot Luck store near us.