Sunday, September 20, 2009

Portland Eats (my personal challenge)

I like to consider myself a foodie. I love eating food and making food. I love reading about it and the science of it. Obviously I love writing and talking about food. As I've mentioned, sharing food (in writing or in person) is my way of showing that I love you, care about you, want to see you happy. How sad is it that I haven't been to some of the greatest restaurants in Portland, Maine; my nearest big city?!?! Sad. Very very sad.

Here is my personal challenge: below I have listed restaurants in the Portland area that I am dying to try. Seth has agreed that once a month we can make the trek to Portland and try one of the places on the list. I will then blog what I think about each place. Exciting right?! I do think so.

The list of eateries (this list could go on and on):

Portland Market House (they house three different kiosks)
Bresca (I've been dying to go here since they opened but I'm nervous because they have limited vegetarian options)
Rabelais (this isn't a restaurant but a book store)
Fore Street
Bar Lola
Local 188 (for brunch)
Five Fifty Five (for the green and sweet plates)
Standard Baking Company
Hot Suppa!
Federal Spice

Some Portland Restaurants that I have thoroughly enjoyed:

Bibo's Madd Apple Cafe (they had a chocolate banana bread pudding that was amazing)
Novare Res (great little plates...they have me hooked on Marcona almonds)
The Green Elephant
Two Fat Cats (my favorite bakery in Maine and where I got my wedding cake)
Dogfish Cafe

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Ginka's Goodies said...

I'm right there with you...haven't been to any of them and it's so close! I'll be watching for your reviews.