Monday, January 18, 2010

The New Look

I spent this snowy morning revamping Sweet Cheeks in the Kitchen. It took me quite a while to figure out how to create and change a background. While I'm not super technologically savvy I can get my way around a graphic design program and read HTML a bit. So now that I know how to do it I can change or edit it down the road.

Along the border of the blog you will notice a collage of recipes. These are all recipes handed down (or stolen from my father) from my mother, her mother, and my father's mother. I treasure these and refer to them often. I think this piece adds, for me, something so special to the blog.

You might have also noticed that the header is different. I wanted to come up with a tag line for the blog and mentioned it to Seth. He suggested I write down some lyrics from my favorite bands. I came up with a list and wasn't in love with any of them. A lot of them were about drinking and wasting life away...and you probably know that isn't my take on life. One of my favorites that I chose was from Against Me!, "We can eclipse all that came before us." But then I thought that might be a little deep for my light hearted baking blog. I liked the line from same band, "dance like no one was watching, with one fist in the air" and Seth suggested that I change bake. He is brilliant! I adore the new tag line.

I love my blog. I love the food I make and I love to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy the new look!


Kacey said...

love it!!! can't wait to see you!

Victoria said...

LOVE the new look! LOVE the personal touch...great job Brianne!