Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Day at the Beach

This has been quite the beachy summer already!

Seth and I went to Popham Beach not too long ago. The beach has changed so much over the winter that you wouldn't recognize it if you were just plopped there without knowing what it was. We ended up walking through the water to a sandy place and were told we had to be prepared to be there for 3 hours while the tide came in and went out enough for us to leave. The lifeguard said he wouldn't be able to get to use if there was an emergency. Um. OK.

We had the best time. It even rained a little bit and Seth and I hid under the towel together. It was the kind of romance that would make other people sick. We probably did. I don't care.

I talked a little bit about my normal picnic sandwich in a post last month. I didn't have the energy (helllo I'm PG!) to roast all the veggies, etc. So I just did a pesto, mozzarella and tomato sandwich on Slate's Bakery French bread. Awesome!

(I'm not even going to post a recipe because you can see what's there and you can figure it out...right?!)

With this we brought twizzlers, crackers, a soda to share, and I brought a piece of chocolate fudge. Yeah...the beach and fudge...perfect.

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