Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rocking Horse

I was going to say that this is my favorite mocktail but I think I already said that about the Little Squirt. This one is ONE of my favorites. One can have many favorite things...right? Like favorite cookie. Favorite cupcake. Favorite restaurant. You can't choose only one!

I have a bounty of fresh mint so I was able to just walk out back and pick a sprig to use for this mocktail. The lemon in this is very light but you can still taste it. This one is very refreshing.

Rocking Horse
Source: Margarita Mamas: Mocktails for the Mom-to-be
Yield: One drink

8-10 fresh mint leaves
1 t lemon juice
1 t sugar
6 oz ginger ale

Muddle the mint and lemon juice in the bottom of a glass. Add ice, sugar, and ginger ale and stir. Enjoy!


Wilesthing said...

Sounds like a fake mojito, no?

Are you guys around on August 8th? We're coming to G-town and wondered if you would want to take some family portraits of us?

Mary said...

I love these mocktail kids are three and five but I have made two of your drinks this week!