Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Squirt

Doesn't it figure that the summer I get pregnant is the hottest summer we've had in years. I'm not complaining because to beat the heat I treat myself to mocktails, popsicles, and sometimes ice cream. I don't feel so bad about sitting here in the bedroom with the AC on when normally I would be outside doing something. Pregnant women get hot really easy!! Yowza.

This mock martini is one of my favorites. It is tart and does make your mouth pucker just a bit. It is so easy to make and I love be able to sip from my martini glasses.

Enjoy this one!

Little Squirt
Source: Margarita Mamas: Mocktails for the Mama-to-be
Yield: One tart drink

Sugar rim for glass
Lemon wedge
5 oz lemon lime soda
1 T fresh lemon juice

Use the lemon wedge to wet the rim of glass and then roll the rim in sugar.

Shake together the soda and lemon juice. Strain or pour into martini glass.

Try not to think about how this kid is going to get out.

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